Joy comes not from becoming but from Being, not from Doing but from Undoing, not from getting but letting go!
~ Shylesh

The greatest offering you can give to Yourself and the Universe is by realizing who You Are.
~ Shylesh

Yoga is an intimate and mystical love affair with the invisible and unknown to make it visible within!
~ Shylesh

Atmanandam Mission

Atmanandam is a secular, non-profit and spiritually based organization that offers meditation retreats at their meditation retreat center in the Idukki District of Kerala, S. India.  Meditation, Breath practices, Mantra Chanting and other techniques taught, follow the philosophical basis of Vedanta and the 4-streams of Yoga. Tools provided are simple and can be easily incorporated into a daily lifestyle practice.


Life’s challenges brings one towards introspection, observation and contemplation. One ponders “Who Am I?, Why Am I here?” etc. It is through a committed and disciplined spiritual practice that one experiences inner transformation. This inner journey of insights and experiences helps release old beliefs and attitudes creating expansion and joy within. Learn More


Our 7-day Meditation Retreats are uniquely designed, to offer participants an immersion experience into joyful living and awareness practices. Retreats are offered several times a year. No prior experience is necessary. Bring an open heart and open mind!

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To enable one to experience their Divinity within, one must fully immerse themselves into a practice of Self-awareness. Through the age old living wisdom practices of silence, stillness, the four streams of Yoga, Satsangh , Mantra Japa (Chanting), Dhyana (meditation) and Spiritual transmission, one can transcend mental distractions and begin to listen their own inner silence and attain communion with the Divine within. Learn More

The more you know yourself, the more awareness of Life there is! Self realization has no end, no beginning and no middle. It is not a goal, or target to achieve or attain but the experience of the endless Ocean of Consciousness.
~ Shylesh
Never give up no matter what happens in life. Nothing is done in a day. There may be failures and obstacles on our way but that is what gives us the strength and courage. What we need is determination (Sankalpa), Dispassion (Vairagya), and Discernment (Viveka). Believe it or not, you shall attain the ultimate
~ Shylesh
Most Blissful Ones! You were born with nothing and will not take anything with you when you are gone. The only thing you have with you is your inner joy, inner wisdom, and inner silence. No one gave it to you. Take hold of this and experience your innermost being- that is the goal and that is the purpose, nothing else!
~ Shylesh
Yoga is an intimate and mystical love affair with the invisible and unknown to make it visible within! Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi!
~ Shylesh
Life is a desire to realize for certain, who we are, our purpose here, what the universe is, and what is the significance of the brief drama of life and death that we play out against the backdrop of eternity
~ Shylesh

Atmanandam Resources

Atmanandam Retreats

Connect to the Divine Feminine Essence of You @ Atmanandam Meditation Retreat Center
Oct 10 – Oct 19 all-day

Connect to the Divine Feminine Essence of You is a rich, self-empowering 9-day retreat workshop (Total of 10 days) to coincide with the sacred 9-nights of celebration of the Goddess (Navarathri) which is widely celebrated all over India.  We are offering this uniquely structured, sacred 9-day meditation retreat to immerse and dive deep within. In this rich experiential workshop, learn to invoke and connect to the essence of the Divine Feminine Within.

Sri Rajarajeshwari LalithambikaTripura Sundari

What is included in the retreat:

  • Yoga, pranayama, chanting mantras and guided meditation practices accompanied by rituals and devotion to the 9 forms of the Divine Feminine as the Goddess.
  • Immersion into the various  names and forms attributed to the Goddess- learn about Her Creative aspect, intelligence, discernment and action potential expressed in a myriad of ways. Wondering what Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali mean
  • room and board each day with modern amenities and 3 delicious vegetarian S. Indian meals
  • Shared transportation to and from Cochin (Kochi) International Airport (COK)
  • Visits to the local temples, natural waterfalls and other natural settings
  • Guidance into spiritual practices that will become your toolkit to live a nourished and nurtured life.
  • Not covered- Insurance, Airfare and any other transportation or medical expens

Register before September 15th and receive a $150 discount – Early Bird Fee-$1650 .   Group leads- Bring a group of 3 or more and receive an additional $100 off your fee (Single discount only). Bring 5 attendees and receive $200 off.

[International participants must arrive in India at least 48 hours prior to adjust to time  and environment so that your sleep patterns are regular prior to retreat. Otherwise this will impact your experience as well as others. Please do your sightseeing and tourist activities prior to the retreat. Do not bring any valuables with you.]

Retreat is limited to 10 Attendees.   Register Today!

Retreat begins with a Welcome and Orientation session at 4pm on Oct 9th. All attendees must be registered and checked-in at the ashram by 3:00pm on OCT 9th, 2018


Now Accepting Registrations for 7-day retreats! See our list for our upcoming retreat offerings.