Our Retreats

Multiple Meditation Retreats will be offered on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Retreats are typically 7 full days and consist of full program schedule each day and provides rich interactive content designed to offer the participant personal practices to enhance self-awareness, provide relaxation as well as a sense of gradual personal development. Practices are designed to allow participants to proceed at their own comfortable pace.

Programs offered include breath control practices (Pranayama), instruction in Vedic chanting (Mantras), guided visual relaxation (Yoga Nidra), and meditation (Dhyana).  Retreatants are encouraged to engage in the spirit of inward retreat and practice silence, stillness & contemplation throughout the duration of retreat.

Your retreat cost includes shared accommodation, 3 delicious vegetarian S. Indian meals daily plus herbal and black chai tea and boiled water throughout your stay.  The Atmanandam Retreat Center premises are safe and secure. Staff on site ensure safety and cater to the comfort of retreat participants.

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