Sadhaka / Aspirant

A Sadhak or Sadhaka (a true seeker) is someone with an intense desire to know himself /herself and follows a consistent and disciplined spiritual practice (Sadhana) towards this self-realization. When engaging in a committed practice, one may encounter obstacles or challenges but can overcome these with consistent practices with the deep desire to know and attain their final goal.

A true Sadhaka develops an attitude of devotion and surrender, a quality of humility and unwavering faith towards his/her preceptor, guide, Guru or teacher. A Sadhaka strictly adheres to instruction and guidance provided and trusts that the path that they are on leads them to the ultimate Truth of Self-knowledge. Being a Sadhaka, does not imply a blind belief but rather that one may observe, listen, question and inquire deeply within, the nature of all teachings received. One must employ discernment and discrimination to assimilate what these teachings mean on one’s personal quest of the Divine or Higher Self.

A disciplined and committed Sadhaka strives to serve as a role-model and inspires others to follow their spiritual path. A sadhaka refrains from actions that may create obstacles on their personal path as well as for others consciously or unconsciously. A Sadhaka does not engage in frivolous thoughts, actions and conversations but stays one-pointed and focused on a single path of self-discovery on a daily basis, just as the sun stays committed to rising in the east everyday.

A Sadhaka may ask questions but questions must be relevant to their personal practice and must stem from deep inquiry into the nature of Self. Staying on this personal commitment results in an automatic attitude of spiritual devotion to Self and all others which leads to awakening and self-awareness.


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