Science Of Yoga & Meditation

Earth meditates as it were. The mid-region meditates as it were. Heaven meditates, as it were. The waters meditate, as it were. The mountains meditate, as it were. The gods meditate, as it were. Men meditate as it were. Therefore he who, among men attains greatness here on earth seems to have obtained a share of meditation. Thus while small people are quarrelsome, abusive, and slandering, great men appear to have obtained a share of meditation.

Chhandogya Upanishad


Meditation helps us to eradicate Karmic impressions and past Samskaras from our mind to bring peace joy and calmness. This is action in awareness and being. It is Being awake to the present moment fully, without resistance.

In the action of meditation, the meditator becomes one with the object of meditation. It is a direct and personal experience and a unique approach to realize the ultimate state of Bliss (Atmanandam) within. Through a consistent meditation practice, we enable ourselves to achieve the subtler qualities of Divinity.

“In prayer, we talk to the Divine but in meditation we listen to the soundless voice within. In prayer, we commune with the Divine but in meditation we attain union with it. This is Yoga”

Benefits of meditation include:


Relief from stress


Sense of peace and calm


Heightened intuition


Increased self-awareness


Increased mental clarity


Enhanced personal relationships

Science Of Yoga

Through yoga, we begin to experience union with the Divine. This enjoins us with the awareness of the thread of Consciousness that resides within us and all around us. It helps remove the veil of ignorance and illusion of the sense of separation from the Divine within. Yogic techniques and practices have been transmitted through centuries as living wisdom.

These have helped generations by enabling:

Deep relaxation at a neuromuscular level in the physical body

Sharpening the intellect and calming down mental state

Slowing down the breath and maintaining balance in the energetic / vibrational body

Manifesting the innate wisdom and divinity within us thought all aspects of life

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