The Founders

The Self is never born, nor does it die. It did not spring from anything, nor did anything spring
from it. This Ancient One is unborn, eternal and everlasting. It is not slain, even though the body
is slain

The Upanishads

Gayathri and Shylesh envisioned Atmanandam Mission over a decade ago. The physical expression of this vision was to create sacred space for others to enable a wakeful state from the dream state, to help revive within cellular memory, the sense of one’s Original Self.


Born and raised in Northern India, into a humble South Indian family, Shylesh spent much of his formative years living in a disciplined spiritual setting and contemplating on life’s mysteries. Simple yet always aware, accompanied by an innocence, and child-like sense of humor, Shylesh firmly believes that everyone who is born, must realize their Higher Self and that we have no choice or alternative. Consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly, everyone strives towards their own sense of attaining inner freedom. His presence transmits a quiet playful energy yet his vision reveals a deep connection to Higher consciousness within.

Through many deeply profound yet humbling spiritual experiences, Shylesh realized that it is only through self-knowledge and a constant practice, that one can be free from external suffering and experience the Joy within. His deep conviction forms the foundation and basis of Atmanandam Mission.


As a young child, Gayathri grew up in many cultures with a profound awareness of her connection to Earth wisdom and to the many manifestations of energy of the Universal Source. Her intense curiosity and exploration into the other-worldly realm from a young age, resulted in many spiritual experiences that deepened her sense of wonderment and humility. Her mystical experiences revealed to her the many facets of life and death and its never-ending rhythms and cycles of continuity. She enables others on their healing journey from their stories of past experiences to empower them on their sacred path in the ever present Now.

She brings a strong sense of intuition, clairvoyance and a deep connection to the sacred Divine, in her presence process to others. She recognizes that everyone has inherent spiritual power within and that this must be carefully cultivated with intention & attention within daily life with a sense of connection to Nature and all Life through devotion and surrender. She lives and breathes her personal mantra: “Be Authentic and fully Present to yourself always. By knowing who you are and what you are, you transcend and transform yourself in every moment. Ultimate Truth is revealed by recognizing and attaining this Divinity within.”

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